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Data Recovery & Backup

Data loss costs businesses millions of dollars.whether man-made or natural, more than 50% of smaller businesses never recover from data loss. For large businesses, losing data that affects millions of customers and employees can be overcome. The recovery, however, will dramatically impact their revenue numbers and their brand reputations.

With expertise gathered through years of experience, we provide data recovery options for laptop, computers and mobile phones.


Our professionals understand the issues your company faces in regards to auditing compliance. Some companies have gone so far to say failing audits is of a greater corporate risk than hackers. The uniqueness of each company is what makes the particulars of auditing so difficult. Being cost effective and distilling issues into digestable and attainable access controls is key. Preparatory assessments can be a cost effective way to gain awareness to critical areas of focus before a real audit begins.

    ISO 27001 compliance
    PCI Compliance Scanning
    Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
    Computer controls for HIPAA Compliance

Penetration Testing

Unique applications have unique security issues. A professional security assessment of your site can locate issues that are difficult to automatically detect. The advantage of a human assessment lies in providing relevant information to your business about the real risks to your company and your consumers. A black box human assessment is an efficient method to locating network and web application security flaws in custom applications that hackers target and that automated security tools often miss.
  • Web Application Security
  • Application and Host Security
  • Network Security

Internal Security Assessment

A great deal of the destructive successful security penetrations originates from within the corporate perimeter or with insider information. Building a robust infrastructure is difficult and prone to faults. Without professional security expertise it is difficult to take into account the nuances of secure architecture and web design. We provide our clients with a high level of expertise in the following:
  • Security Architecture Review
  • Application and Host Security Architecture Review
  • Wireless Security Testing And Review
  • Optional Social Engineering Tests Webutation